Butterfly Farm and Botanic Garden


The botanical garden of Quindio is a non-profit NGO, which primary purpose is scientific research, ecological conservation and environmental education on regional and national flora and the protection of all forms of wildlife.

It has the charm of a native forest that still retains many endangered species, trails of trees over 200 years old, botanical collections of heliconias, palms, ferns, orchids and bromeliads.

There you can also find about 3,000 butterflies from over 40 different native species in a greenhouse shaped like a giant butterfly; over 110 species of birds, a tower in the woods and a seven-story viewpoint among the treetops to observe them freely.

In addition, the garden has the “Linea tunnel” museum, geological museum and soils, labyrinth, bamboo architecture with designs by Simon Velez, a giant map of Quindio department, a suspension bridge in the woods and the first insect zoo of Colombia.

Duration: 3 ½ hours
Rates: 1 PAX - the rate for the tour is COP $117,200 or USD 62
Includes: Transportation, bilingual guide and admission fee.


Salento and Cocora Valley


Amid the stunning mountain landscape of Quindio, we find the municipality of Salento, so-called the Quindio’s father.

Within 40 minutes of Armenia, taking the Coffee Highway heading to Pereira, and then turning to the right on kilometer 16, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the superb scenery that frames the hilly area of ​​the Department.

The village appears astonishing in the middle of the mountains after climbing a rural area, with its colorful houses with large balconies adorned with flowers. Visitors fall in love immediately with this place.

One of the main attractions in Salento is the “Calle Real” street full of beautiful handicraft shops of the region. The village has a number of typical constructions that extend to the stairs leading to the viewpoint, which offers a wonderful view of the Quindiano coffee landscape and Cocora Valley imposing beauty: One of the buffer zones and entrance to the Nevados Park in the Colombian coffee region.

It is also the preamble to the fog forest, where the wax palm grows, Ceroxylon quindiuense, that is the national tree of the country.
Duration: Approximate 7 hours.
Rates: 1 PAX - the rate for the tour is COP $195,200 or USD 103.
Includes: Transportation, admissions, lunch and bilingual guide.


Parque del Café. (The Coffee Park)


20 minutes from Armenia, the capital city of the department of Quindio and five minutes from the town of Montenegro, lies EL PARQUE NACIONAL DEL CAFE (National  Coffee park); a nonprofit entity belonging to the Parque de la Cultura Cafetera Foundation. It was founded by the National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia and the Departmental Committee of Coffee Growers of Quindio, on February 24, 1995.

Located in the central coffee region of Colombia, in the middle- west of the country, with an average temperature of 21 degrees and more than 25 attractions both mechanical and cultural ones, the Parque Nacional del Café is a journey through the culture and customs of a tradition that extends over the territory of Quindio department; a tourist destination that gives visitors a space for healthy recreation.

Duration: All day.
Rates: 1 PAX - the rate for the tour is COP $175,200 or USD $ 93.
Includes: includes admissions, transportation and bilingual guide.
Not Include: Lunch.

Note: Rates given apply only to groups of 5 passengers; if the number of group members is smaller or greater, rates should be checked as rates change.




Rate: USD 88.

Complete package rate for accompanying person is USD 345.