Instruction for Oral and Poster Presentations

Special short communications sessions will take place giving the opportunity to some authors selected to present a poster to valorize their work by presenting a short five minutes oral presentation of 2 to 3 slides. Authors selected for such sessions will be personally informed.

Oral communications will be 15 minutes in length including discussion and questions.

The posters will remain displayed during the entire meeting. A poster message board will be available to facilitate interaction with those presenting posters. 
Poster board size will be 120 cm width and 240 cm height, however the maximum effective poster size will be recommended in 100 cm wide and 150 cm long. The minimum font size should be 28.

If you prefer to use the local print service please send your POSTER as PDF document with at least 150 DPI resolution before August 15, 2014. You will receive a confirmation email when we receive and check your poster. Your poster information will only be used for ASIC 2014. The cost to print your poster is $34.48 + tax (16%) usd.





*Deadline for Poster submission (for local printing) - August 15, 2014